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U3A Port Sorell is about sharing skills and interests, to allow people to enjoy educational, creative, social and leisure activities in a relaxed environment.


We offer  over 30 separate programs in 3 eleven week terms per year covering a wide spectrum including arts & craft, humanities, music, health, literature, history, social sciences, leisure, computing, fitness and we offer these classes in an environment of fun and friendship.


Classes range from one off sessions to weekly activities so there is bound to be something that suits your interest and schedule.


Our goal is to bring together people who may be retired from full-time work but not from living their life to the fullest. Indeed, U3A members seek out opportunities to make new friends, engage in new lifestyle activities and to learn new things.


There are no prerequisites, no exams and no qualifications awarded.  If you are retired or semi-retired and enjoy learning and meeting like-minded people, all you need to do is become a member of the U3A family and participate in our activities. Members can attend any course, talk or event provided there is space.

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